Summertime Safety


Animal Specialist Clinic is a pet clinic in Dubai that cares about you & your pet’s needs. We’re here to share tips and tricks for taking care of your furbaby in the hot summer months.

While summer is a wonderful time to spend with your pet, rising temperatures pose a greater risk to our pets, including more injuries, skin and ear infections, and the risk of heat stroke.

Because pets do not sweat as much as people, they can easily become overheated. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid these issues and enjoy the summer season with your little one.

Never leave your pet in a running car

It’s not a good idea to park in the shade with the windows open. Even if you’re only running errands, your pet’s temperature can quickly rise in a hot car, causing them to overheat in a matter of minutes. Heatstroke and even death can occur in minutes.

Dehydration is disaster

This is one of the most straightforward strategies to avoid heat-related ailments during the summer. On warmer days, dogs and cats drink more, and water warms up swiftly, so make sure to change your pet’s water frequently.

Water-rich fruits and vegetables keep your pet hydrated and give sufficient nutrition. Curds and rice, buttermilk, or even peanut butter mixed with curds are all good summer pet food choices. Watermelons, bananas, oranges, and cucumbers are also delicious summer treats for your pets. Ice cream, as well as chocolates, are strongly discouraged. Salt and sugar-containing goods should be avoided.

Check for heartworm

Heartworm can infect cats as well, despite the fact that it is most usually detected in dogs. In the warmer months, heartworm disease is more common. This condition, which is easily spread through bug bites and/or contact with an infected animal, prevents the heart muscle from beating and running smoothly, and if not treated, can lead to heart failure. Check your pet for heartworms and treat them with a heartworm preventive.

Beware of ticks

Make sure your dog or cat is free of ticks, fleas, and lice. When the temperature rises , ticks become active. It’s a good idea to keep an anti-tick spray on hand because it can help kill ticks and relieve your pet’s itching nightmare.


Do you feel squeaky clean and energized after a shower? Your pet shares your feelings. Grooming entails washing and brushing the fur, as well as grinding and nail trimming. Pet massages are frequently included in grooming to help the pet relax. Summer also necessitates a stylish pet haircut.

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