New Pet Owners Guide

Being a new pet owner is both a blessing and a challenge combined in one. 

You have decided that you want to adopt a pet, but have you thought about all the things your little one is going to need? Bringing home a new pet is exactly like bringing home a baby (well a furry baby) and mental and physical preparation is essential. Thinking about all the things you need to get done can feel overwhelming…

We are here to ease the process for you!

1. Understanding the needs of your pet

Whether you’re planning on adopting a dog, a cat or a hamster, all pets have similar needs but they vary according to their species. Truly understanding what it takes to care for another creature is the first step in the decision-making process towards adopting a pet. Think about adopting a pet like adopting a child…how would you approach this process? Do your finances allow for an additional member to be heavily involved in your life? Do you have the time to accommodate a pet? Is your home big enough for a cat or a dog?

2. Pet Essentials

What will you need before your new pet moves in? Here is a check-list to help you out:

  • Feeding Bowl – a bowl with food & water
  • Collars & tags – to identify your pet (plus it makes a cute accessory)
  • Passport – very important as it is their formal identification & is essential if you need to travel with your pet abroad
  • Crate – very important as this is your pet’s carrier
  • Pet Gates – very important as this will help protect your pet from running onto the balcony or other places that you don’t want them skipping to
  • Litter/Pooper Scooper – essential for when it’s time to clean up after your pet (which is more often than you might think!)
  • Nail Clippers – trimming your little one’s nails will be your biggest lifesaver (trust us!) If you’re stuck on how to do this, get in touch with us as we have a wonderful groomer ready to share his tips and tricks
  • Toys – to treat your little ones!

3. Choosing a veterinarian

Selecting a vet can be compared to selecting a paediatrician for your child.

Check in with friends and family (who own pets) about which vets they recommend or enjoy going to. Meet the vet and their supporting staff, and even take a tour to see whether the clinic checks your boxes! Finding a pet hospital in Dubai that you can trust is key and settling on a vet that you and your pet are comfortable with is of utmost importance. We might be biased, but we think Animal Specialist Clinic Dubai is one of the best!

Once you bring your pet home, you now set off on your journey with your new best friend and there are many memories to be made, carpets to be cleaned and fur to be dusted off your clothes. It’s set to be the best adventure of your life!

Thinking of getting your new furry pal checked up? We’re currently running a 50% off on a wellness check up all summer for first time visitors!

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