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It’s no secret that bringing a human child into the world is a huge responsibility. It’s hard work, compassion, and constantly adapting to problems you may face. The same can be said for fur, feather, and scaled babies, if not more difficult, as pets couldn’t possibly verbalize what they feel. So it’s difficult for even the most experienced animal parents to tell if they are actually in pain or discomfort!

As one of the top veterinary hospitals in Dubai, we at Animal Specialist Clinic have made it our mission to provide the best medical care to any animal in need. This includes helping fledgling animal parents to pet gurus bridge the gap with their adorable critters through debunking some well-known myths.

Here are some of them:

Myth #1 Dogs only see in black and white

Many people, even dedicated dog owners, still believe that dogs can only see the world through a perpetual state of a 1900s black and white movie. While dogs perceive colors differently than humans and other animals, they’re not totally colorblind. They can see blues and yellows and any combination of those hues.

Human eyes have about 6 million cones which help us perceive more colors than our canine friends that only have 1.2 million. But what they lack in vision, they more than make up for with their strong olfactory senses.

Myth #2 Cats always land on their feet

It’s true that cats more often than not land on their feet when they fall, but that’s not always the case. They have what we call a “righting reflex” that helps them quickly figure out which way is up, then couple that with a unique and flexible bone structure, it’s now possible for them to correct their bodies and brace for impact as they fall. Although that doesn’t always mean they won’t sustain any injuries.

If you have a cat and live on higher floors, it’s a good rule of thumb to close your windows to prevent your feline friends from falling from great heights. But if they do, please immediately take them to a vet hospital for treatment.

Myth #3 Goldfish have a three-second memory

Our dear goldfish have been the butt of many jokes, especially when it comes to their supposed short memory. Some say it’s two seconds, some ten, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s quite an insult to their intelligence.

They are actually used as a model for studying learning in fishes. Various studies have shown that they can keep memories for months, even years! They are also good problem solvers.

While the internet could be a fantastic source of information, fur parents must also verify and confirm whether what they read about is fact or fiction. Pets are living creatures that deserve all the careful attention and affection from their owners.

If you’re unsure about something or if your pet is behaving unusually, it’s always a good idea to reach out to your local vet hospital and get a consultation from experts.

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