How To : Care For Your Senior Dog


Aging is a natural process, and all dogs reach senior status at some point. What’s crucial to remember is that senior dogs demand different care than younger pets.

A dog’s mobility declines as he matures, his hearing and vision deteriorate, and he becomes more susceptible to infections. Even so, growing old isn’t a death sentence for dogs, and they can live healthy and happy lives far into their golden years.

1. Proper diet

Feed your dog well-balanced food rich in high-quality components in proportions that will help your furry friend stay in shape.

2. Keep you dog active

Regular exercise will help keep your dog’s weight and overall health in check. Keep your expectations for activity intensity and duration reasonable, and consult your veterinarian. He is familiar with your pet’s health and restrictions, and can assist you in developing a safe exercise regimen. If necessary, he can also prescribe drugs to help your senior dog move more comfortably.

3. Vet care

Regular veterinary care is a crucial habit to cultivate. Check-ins with a vet every now and then is necessary during this time in your dog’s life, to ensure that they any possibilities of sickness are out of the way or to catch them early. We’re currently running a 50% off for all first-time visitors on a wellness check up!

4. Dental care

As your dog gets older, it’s even more vital to pay extra attention to teeth and oral health. Your veterinarian may advise you not only on any clinical indications for dental cleanings, but also on potential problem areas and how to clean and care for your teeth at home. Make it a point to practice good oral hygiene on a regular basis.
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5. Be cautious of parasites

Parasite protection is required for all canines, regardless of age (fleas, ticks, heartworms, etc.). Changes in activity and lifestyle, however, may impact your dog’s requirement for routine vaccines against infectious diseases as he gets older. That isn’t to say he won’t require vaccinations.

6. Companionship is important

Older dogs need to be given a little extra love and many many cuddles. The power of companionship during their last years is very important as they need a little more attention and care.

When caring for a senior dog, it is all about creating a safe environment for them where they are cared for with a little more attention and a lot more love!

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