How Can You Tell If Your Pet Is In Pain?


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Animals are sentient beings, however, these small creatures can’t transform their pain into actual words to express their feelings. As a result, it can be difficult to find out if they’re experiencing discomfort. They’re excellent at keeping their pain hidden for long periods of time and for this reason, owners often won’t notice anything is wrong but in actuality, they could be suffering. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to pick up on signs that hint towards our little ones being in pain.

Below are some key signs you should look out for

  1. Aggression and unsociable behaviour
    Dogs are usually social beings and love to run up to their owners and demand cuddles. When your dog is upset, this lovable behaviour can convert into aggression. A significant change in behaviour is a key sign that your pet is in pain. 
  2. A switch in eating or sleeping patterns
    As mentioned, a change in behaviour is the most obvious indication that your pooch is in pain. This includes a loss of appetite or reduced water intake. Decreased food consumption could mean that they are suffering from dental pain.
  3.  Vocalizing more often
    Even though dogs can’t speak they may yelp, snarl, growl or howl if they’re suffering
  4. Overgrooming
    Excessive licking and focus on a particular area of the body is a sign that your pet is in discomfort due to an internal or external wound
  5. Change in breathing pattern
    Shallow breathing suggests that your cat or dog is experiencing sharp pains whereas heavy panting (not due to dehydration) is another cautionary symptom.
  6. Issues in moving
    Another clue is if your pet is limping, stiff or shows signs of mobility issues. This might indicate that your cat or dog is suffering from arthritis or sore paws. They may not run up or down the stairs and may be less active.
  7. Noticeable changes in body and posture
    Swelling in the paws, legs and face could be caused by cancer, various infections or other diseases. Dogs tend to take to the ‘prayer position’ where their head is bowed to the floor and their rear and back legs are stretched up. Cats show pain by sitting in a hunched position.
  8. Incessant quivering
    Trembling is a clear indicator that there’s something wrong with your pet. A shivering pet could just be cold but if you sense that that’s not the case, then please visit a vet as soon as you can as they may be suffering from pancreatic issues, poisoning or kidney disease.

When adopting an animal, it becomes your responsibility to care for them and make sure they are well-settled and healthy. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, please make an appointment with us as soon as you can. We provide the best animal medical care in Dubai, to make sure every pet gets the care they need.

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