Get Your Groom On: More than just a glow up


Normally, when we think about grooming, we think about it as a makeover or a ‘glow-up’ as they say these days. However, when it comes to animals, grooming is so much more than that. Giving your pooch or kitty a makeover is always a fun experience especially when they come out smelling all fresh, looking cute and fluffy. However, regular grooming is a must as it has added health benefits. Another thing to keep in mind where grooming is concerned is that your pet’s grooming schedule will vary depending on the breed. Animal Specialist Clinic is your go-to vet clinic for affordable animal service in Dubai.


Removing fallen and dead hair is a must as this helps to avoid the issue of overgrooming especially with cats. Overgrooming can damage your pet’s skin causing itchiness & hotspots. When it comes to dogs, being brushed is a way for them to bond with their owner.

Brushing eliminates dandruff, dirt and dead hair from your pet’s body and in felines, it can lessen the number of hairballs they produce. The biggest enemy when it comes to grooming is tangling and matting of fur which can lead to pain and infections. Brushing also encourages natural oils to flow throughout your pet’s body, leaving them with the perfect sheen. Brushing also allows for a complete examination of your pet’s skin, permitting us to detect skin abnormalities or the presence of ticks and fleas.


Bathing your pet helps them to cool down while getting rid of any dirt they may have accumulated over time. The perfect remedy to your pet’s summertime sadness, we’ll say!


Ear cleanliness is extremely important especially for breeds that are prone to infections and diseases. Your pet’s ears should be clean and clear. Any signs of swelling, redness or unpleasant smells, calls for a check-up with the vet as soon as possible.


Your pet’s eyes should be clear, bright and moist. If your pet’s eyes look red or swollen, please visit your vet.


Clipping your pet’s nails helps to get rid of toxins and dead skin. Apart from this, another major plus is that their claws won’t get stuck in your furniture! If your dog is outdoor often, they most likely do not need nail trimming, however, if your pet is often indoors, nail trimming needs to be considered. It is much easier to cut cat nails over dog nails.

At Animal Specialist Clinic, our groomer makes sure more than anything that you and your pet are in a comfortable setting. We have an indoor seating area available where you can sit and relax while your furry baby is busy getting pampered and cleaned up with the groomer.

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