Animal Orthopaedic Surgery

A veterinary orthopaedic specialist tends to those with bone disorders and ailments- bones, joints, ligaments and other skeletal structures. Veterinary orthopedic surgeons practice on both big and small animals. Prior to your pet’s operation, our vet surgeon will conduct a thorough examination of your pet using a combination of radiographs, MRIs and ultrasounds to identify the crux of the issue. Being a veterinary surgeon is not just about treating the pet but the pet parent too, giving them mental reassurance and comfort during the tough time both are going through.

Veterinary Orthopaedic Surgeon

If you’re looking for a qualified animal orthopaedic surgeon in Dubai, then look no further.

At Animal Specialist Clinic, we have our very own veterinary orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Varghese. He has a Ph.D in radiology and veterinary surgery and looks into matters of both long bones and spinal structures. His area of specialisation includes physiotherapy, ophthalmic surgery, advanced soft tissue surgery, wound management and hospital management.

He is a Senior Veterinarian and his areas of interest include all aspects of Veterinary Surgery. The challenge of being a vet is his greatest joy, which means that he will put in all his efforts to see that your little one gets the best possible care they deserve and need. Additionally, the satisfaction that comes from seeing a pet and the pet owner’s relief post treatment is what makes his job the best one in the world!

As with all medical practices, an initial consultation needs to be booked where Dr. Varghese can determine a diagnosis and advise on the next steps. To aid him in helping heal your pets, we provide the latest technology in our highly- advanced facility. We offer onsite x-rays, ultrasounds and video otoscopes. Our modern laboratory holds state-of-the-art equipment, so that we can carry out blood tests, sampling and various other biological tests. Our sophisticated technology helps us treat your pet to the best of our abilities!

When it comes to dogs and cats, skeletal disorders can be both congenital and acquired. The most common orthopaedic injuries in dogs are ligament injuries, particularly cranial cruciate injuries in the knee region which usually happens while they are running or jumping. Other common bone disorders in dogs are hip dysplasia, osteochondrosis and muscular dystrophy whereas in the case of felines, minor sprains can heal on their own whereas other more severe ailments can reduce their lifespan significantly. Common disorders cats can experience are bone weakness, hip dysplasia (purebreds are more susceptible), tendon contracture, osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) and fractures. 

These results highlight the importance of getting your pets checked-up often. This helps to determine and detect the problem from the early stages, so treatment can begin as soon as possible. As animals are not as verbally gifted as human beings, it is our duty to understand their pain and give them the care and treatment they need, to be healthy and happy.

Additionally with the current Covid pandemic, we are highly cautious about keeping our facilities sanitized and clean while maintaining social distancing protocols. We have sanitizers in every corner and a waiting room where you can sit comfortably before you are ready to see the vet. We assure you that you are in the best hands at our clinic where we ensure a stress-free, smooth process from start to finish.

Your trust in us is of prime importance. 

If it seems that your pet is in discomfort or if you notice any irregularities in their behaviour or movements, please book a consultation with Dr. Varghese


General consultation – Dhs 189

Second-opinion consultation – Dhs 262.5

Additional consultation – Dhs 126

Walk-in consultation – Dhs 262.5

Whether you’ve got wings, fins, fur or scales, we are here to help and heal!

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